Looking for inspiration?     Try perusing words of wisdom from several famous writers in The Guardian's "Ten rules for writing fiction" (Parts One and Two)



Book and Manuscript Editing

I consider it a huge honor to be invited to participate in something as monumental  and often personal  as an author's book project. After investing so much time and creative energy into writing a book, the final result deserves to shine. In each type or level of editing or proofreading service that I provide, I endeavor to achieve the following: 

  • Preserve the author's voice and message
  • Assist with clarifying plot, storyline, and language 
  • Maintain consistency with voice, tone, message, and character, as well as grammar and punctuation
  • Help create compelling, precise, and concise language
  • Provide compassionate, professional support along the way

You've finished writing your manuscript: 

Ready, set... wait! Before pursuing the next most important investment in your book, editing services, you might consider some of the following questions: 

Have you workshopped your book, or asked beta readers to give you feedback?

  • Beta readers and writing workshops can help you work out kinks in storylines, plot, and more, ultimately saving you money on editing services.

Do you plan to self-publish or shop your book around to traditional publishers?

  • Traditional publishers often use their own editors and follow their own editorial standards, so that you may not need a final proofread. Instead, focus resources on ensuring you have a tight storyline, a clear plot, and artful sentences. 
  • Self-publishers should make sure the final draft is polished to perfection with careful copyediting and proofreading. And once converted to its final format, such as an ebook, don't skip the final proofread to catch potential conversion errors.
  • If you plan to self-publish a family story or biography for private distribution, a lighter edit may be all you want.

Are you, or will you be, searching for an agent?

  • Again, it may or may not need extreme polishing and proofreading, but developmental or line editing to eliminate extraneous material or fill in gaps could help increase the story's enticement factor. 

Has your manuscript already had an edit?

  • If your manuscript has already had a developmental or line edit, it may only need a copyedit; on the other hand, if you haven't yet had any developmental input, your manuscript may benefit from a broader content review before moving forward with copyediting. Please visit my editorial services page for more details.

          Thank you for considering my services. Please get in touch with me today so we can discuss the goals you have for your manuscript. 

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