Business and Corporate Communications

My goal on every project is to help clients build credibility and a trustworthy relationship with their stakeholders by ensuring a company's written communication reflects the same high quality they put into their products and services. 

Despite best intentions and regardless of skills, workplace realities often challenge a company's ability to produce their own high-quality written materials.

  • Business owners, managers, and staff often have many different responsibilities, leaving little time for editing or crafting meticulous written material.

  • Staff may be experts in their fields, but not in grammar, punctuation, or effective and engaging writing techniques.

  • Correspondence or content may be written by several different employees or teams, resulting in inconsistent writing styles and voice. 

I can help produce material that is:

  • Typo and error-free
  • Professional and streamlined
  • Clear, concise, and consistently styled
  • Aligned with your company or agency's unique message, voice, or brand
  • Delivered by your deadline

Some of my specialties include:

  • Listening carefully to my clients' needs and goals
  • Transforming complex prose into “plain language”
  • Facilitating and embedding “story” into business communications
  • Considering purpose, audience, stakeholders, and context

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your business communicate clearly and effectively.

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