To be a credible player in today's business world, you must produce engaging and error-free communication. If you're submitting a proposal, communicating with clients or employees, or preparing marketing materials, I can help you craft clear, effective messages that stay true to your unique voice.

Whether you plan to self-publish, look for an agent, or seek traditional publishing, make sure your manuscript reaches its full potential. I can work with you to clarify storyline, enhance syntax, and maintain consistency with a developmental or line edit, or polish up your manuscript with a copyedit or final proofread.


Your website is capable of much more than showcasing your work, products, or services. Careful crafting, editing, and targeting of content will draw visitors to your site and convert them into customers. I can edit your content to ensure accurate, compelling, and consistent communication that will help build a trustworthy brand.

Why Sound View Editing?

The written word is powerful — powerful enough to influence whether people enjoy your book, buy your product, or support your brand. At the same time, life is busy, and fine-tuning content takes time away from other priorities and requires a separate set of skills.

Sound View Editing was born out of a passion for high-quality communication. As a trained editor with advanced academic degrees and years of professional experience, I am dedicated to helping others communicate clearly, accurately, and effectively.

Call or email me today to discuss how I can help you achieve your communication goals.

I was instantly wowed by Julie’s capabilities and quickly moved to establish an ongoing working relationship with her."

"Calling her a superb editor is a gross understatement. The content I send her to edit is, quite frankly, a mess — practically incoherent, as it’s written by a subject matter expert rather than by a writer. Julie easily sees what the piece is trying to accomplish and reworks the structure and wording so that it’s clear, concise and readable.
She isn’t afraid of tough topics, and she impresses me every time with how thorough and thoughtful she is. I absolutely cannot stress enough how much easier my job is thanks to Julie.
She’s every superlative you can throw at an editor and then some."

Sarah Womack, Content Producer, Avalara